"Take a breath and calm down"

martes, 5 de junio de 2012

Yes, I am writing in English. Yes, maybe I am going mad. I do not know if I am writing this properly, if all my words are correct or even why I am doing this. But I needed it. It was like a little voice shouting inside my head.
I feel terrified. It is like I was in the border of a cliff just before jumping inside a huge and brave sea. I can’t move. My instinct says I should hide myself under my bed and give up all these stupid ideas about moving abroad. My head says that if I do that I will be regretting about it all my life.
As time goes by, I feel I am losing my way. Like in the middle of a tornado. Things happen too quickly, too fast. I don´t have time enough to digest them.
I have the flight ticket. I have booked a room. I have sent my application, and it has been approved (at last!). The only thing I have to do right now is to do my luggage, cross my fingers and… jump. The only advice I can repeat once and again is… to take it easy.  
Enjoy in every step. Be just “you” the entire path. Don´t forget the real and important things. And calm down. Don´t panic, even if you don´t have a towel on hand (should I take one? Well, maybe yes).
It is not the end of a stage. It is just the beginning of a new one.
So just make a grip on yourself. Take a breath and calm down. Because there we go.
There are things much more difficult than this one, aren´t they? 

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